About us

Parrot Resorts is the management and development company to create a sustainable ecological business movement as concept of the businesses and programmes we manage.

team members, who for a part donates their time and knowledge for Parrot Resorts S.A and an others that work for the operational part of Eco Wellness Resort Granada, are a group of individuals, realizing that this world needs to make a change. We are conscious that all business setup and operations needs to make a change to a sustainable business setup and we envision and invest in the change to a
perfect symbiosis between Economy, Culture and Nature.

The indigenous in Nicaragua live for ages in symbioses with nature and we will learn a lot from their culture and lifestyle and parts are already incorporated in the concept.


We will initiate a chain of high tech, zero pollution, all clean energy, all natural resorts and we start with Eco Wellness Resort Granada.

A part of the resort profit will be donated to sustainable programs to increase the grow of sustainable business practice, those programs will be managed by Parrot Resorts S.A. as well and all profits of those programs will be reinvested in the programs.


The team members have a wealth of many years business development and knowledge and they all are 100% behind the purpose of the concept, to make this change.

We give you, the opportunity to become shareholders to support our concept, to support the change we have to make to initiate our first development. A Paris agreement is for the governments but
we have to make the change because governments are too slow.




Be part of the change to a perfect symbiosis between Economy, Culture and Nature

Invest in change for the benefit of people, nature and your own wealth

and receive a high ROI



Parrot Resorts initiates a high tech, zero pollution, all clean energy, all natural resort