About Parrot Resorts

This is where we want to be by end 2021


Parrot Resorts is a management and development company.
Through the creation of ecologically sound hospitality businesses, like
Eco Wellness Resort Granada, located in Nicaragua, and sustainability
programmes, Parrot Resorts aims to develop a sustainable business
movement, that focuses as much on people and planet as on profits.

The team behind Parrot Resorts management & Development S.A.
consists of a group of highly experienced, knowledgeable and
dedicated individuals, who want to be part of the change to more
sustainable business practices, to create that sustainable movement.
Through Parrot Resorts, the team wants to contribute to a movement,
that leads to a perfect symbiosis between economy, culture and nature.

Parrot Resorts management & Development S.A. will initiate
Eco Wellness Resort Granada in Nicaragua, as the first link in a
chain of high-tech, zero pollution, 
all clean energy and all-natural

A part of our own resort profits will be invested in economically viable
sustainability programmes, to promote and increase the growth
of sustainable business practices.


Next to our own resort(s) we manage resorts owned by others, that are
almost similar in concept and need only a few upgrades to work under
the same concept rules of Parrot Resorts.
Those resorts are promoted under Parrot Resorts marketing system and part of our luxury chain.

indigenous in Nicaragua live for ages in symbioses with nature and we will learn a lot from their culture and lifestyle and parts are incorporated in the
concept, like the wellness and health center and our programmes are indigenous centered to give a revival to the indigenous communities.

With the Paris Agreement nations seem to have come to a consensus to take action on climate change. However, governments tend to act very slowly
and ultimately it is up to we, the people to make a move to a more sustainable world.

We offer you the opportunity to support our sustainable movement and concept and contribute to positive change by becoming a shareholder.




Envision and invest in the change to a perfect symbiosis between Economy, Culture and Nature



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Find here the info on Eco Wellness Resort Granada

Parrot Resorts initiates the
zero pollution, all clean energy, all natural, Eco wellness resort Granada

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Invest in change for the benefit of people, nature and your own wealth and receive a high ROI